Posing like freaky model!!!

500 Animals in Clay: Contemporary Expressions of the Animal Form

I've been wanting to get into ceramics for a while and this book was just the thing to get my creative juices flowing. It has many (500 actually) beautiful pieces to admire, with such a wide array of styles. It's definitely not a "how to" book, with just enough info to get a basic idea of how each piece was created, but the beautiful photographs and variety makes it well worth purchasing.

New Tattoo !

Artworks for V-Day!

Quick artworks for the lover's day! I used tons of liquid fimo for that stuff, simple and sold by hundreds of pieces! I'm happy to contempted so many couples!

The happy family!

Me and my men, this is a cool pictua of us, hope you like that, because for now, it's time for a looong happiness! I'm feeling good with my guy and our new small doggy, codename Burrito. It's rare, happy times, and I taste it each of these damn seconds!

n°23 !

My new serie is solded! It was the last of my ceramic mugs and I'm sooo happy to be let with my hands empty after all of this work! So, goodbye number 23! You miss me!

I want a beer... uh...

It's like that around vegas!
Bears and pulpous women wait for you in front of each shops!
blessful days to you my friends!

Last creation - Flower pot

Hey, it was hard to find recycled, reclaimed and salvaged dishware, tile, stainless steel flatware and glass. But this one is over! Reaby to buy by you, fellow customers! Hope you like!


Old picture of my friend Lehann, my first girl kiss... It was the sole good memories of my youth, Lehann and our crazy nights outside, in the streets, the bar and illegaly in motel rooms! Where are you for now, Lehann ?

Spring !

Green grass under my huge and awful butt, sun on my ugly face, it's spring !

Love is real !

I hope you understand what I talk when I wrote the words true love, big love, soulmates... It's not just in the romantic american movies, Guaranted! It's in the real life, with surprising encounters, with words, and silences, it's a question of luck, of praises, of time. But I swear, Love is real, and it's so cool!!!

Last creation - Flower pot

I sell a couple of that one, this is the third like that I create for customers around our new home. It's a very interesting time for me, because selling my creations is now very important, it's my job, and also my passion. I think that few people can do that in their life.

Some of my new nude pictures ...

Meeting with the Hulk !

Hulk smash Lionie !!! It was so scary!!! But with my mutant power (seducing all the green tall guy) I beat the Hulk with a smile, to easy! But unfair; He's just a guy, and all girls know that men are so sensible! Even the green ones!

Last creation - Dishboard

Kitchen board, or artwork, created from recycled, reclaimed and salvaged dishware, half tea cup (for holding pens, cell phone, etc.), stainless steel flatware (to be bent into hooks for hanging keys, towels, etc.), ceramic spoon rest, old steel pie plate (cut to create small magnetic message board), scrap stained glass and glass gems hand-painted with sunflowers, turned into magnets for the magnetic message board). Needs to be glued, edged and grouted...

Pink is sooo fashion !

I told ya! Week end at the beach! So, for dazzled all the male eyes (and girls to), I wear my pinkish hellish swimsuit!!! So, what the matter with that?

Week end at the beach !

The smiling man on my shoulder, it's my man, Douglas, and the two others are his sister, the absolute funny Deirdre, and their mother, Ann-Mary. Beach week end for all the family, it was so goooooooooooood, with sun, sand, waves and most over, hug! My new family is so cool with me, and I love hug by each of them! I am very proud to be here, accepted and happy. Great difference with my past and my own family...


These are my naughtees,
my sexy gals for the Brisb'freak'nights!

The Frankestein lover is named Joan, those in the middle is Praline, and the other, the ugly one, it's me! With this two girls, nothing is impossible for me! I know her for years now, and each time I fall, she's here for me, for talking, huging and inviting me on beer fest all along the coast towns! These are my friends, my lesbian vampires, my sweet puppies!


Hi, I am Lionie, I begin here a new weblog, for my friends, who follow me on the last move, and for you, newbies in my universe. For a short synopsise; My life change a couple of month ago, when I met a man, good hearted and who show me a new way of life. Before that, I was very self destructive and it's a big time for me, now, it's also the good moment to show and share you some of my joy!